"Bridges of Confidence" on musical notes in localities across the country

June 19, 2024

A quintet of musicians from the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra is going on a musical tour to several locations in the country, including the left bank of the Nistru River. The tour is supported by UNDP, the EU, and Switzerland, along with other partners.

Coșnița, Molovata, Pohrebea, Doroțcaia, Goian, Dubăsari, Târnăuca, Cioburciu and Holercani are just some of the communities where classical music will resonate for the locals. These villages have previously benefited from financial support from UNDP and its partners in local economic development, rural tourism and community infrastructure.

Flash mobs will be organised on the day in the most unusual locations, including tourist attractions in the "Heart of the Nistru" micro-cluster of tourism, supported by the Swiss Government and UNDP. Rural guesthouses, bakeries, vintage car businesses and lavender fields will host short musical operas, and in the evening the locals are invited and expected to attend a concert at sunset.

Concerts will be held from 21 June to 25 July. The first concert will be on 21 June in Coșnița. Then other concerts follow on 23 June in Pohrebea and Dorotcaia. 

Each day of the expedition will end with a concert in the proximity of the houses of culture in Coșnița, Doroțcaia, Tîrnăuca, Ecaterinovca and the park in Cioburciu, all of which have been renovated and restored with the support of the EU and UNDP under the "Confidence Building Measures" Programme.

The concerts will be held outdoors. Access is free of charge for all who wish to attend.