The Republic of Moldova starts the process of Sustainable Development Goals Finance Assessment, to identify new opportunities to finance national priorities

November 3, 2023

The Republic of Moldova starts the process of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Finance Assessment, with support of UNDP and the Government of Slovakia. The team of UNDP experts responsible for this exercise had a scoping mission in Moldova between 30 October – 3 November 2023. The experts thus assessed the strategic policy framework in the Republic of Moldova, identifying SDG funding challenges and opportunities to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Public finance experts had financial bilateral dialogue with representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the State Chancellery, the National Bank of Moldova, the National Financial Market Commission of Moldova, Banking Association of Moldova, and development partners etc.

"The mission of UNDP experts is very important for the Ministry of Finance, because the efficient management of the state expenditures and government debt are critical elements for the sustainability of the next budget cycle, considering the national context and regional crisis. The assessment of the budget framework and providing SDG Financing solutions will contribute to the good governance of the public finance,” said Petru Rotaru, the Minister of Finance.

Based on the findings and recommendations of the SDG Finance Assessment exercise, a roadmap for the implementation of the integrated national financing framework will be developed.

In addition, on 2 November 2023 a training on “SDG Finance instruments” was organized. 45 public officials from different national institutions strengthened their knowledge about budgeting, debt and tax for Sustainable Development Goals.

UNDP support for increasing the efficiency of public finance management in Moldova is provided as part of a regional initiative launched with support of the Government of Slovakia.