Five Polish companies will develop innovative solutions with Moldovan peers

March 5, 2024

This year, five Polish companies will partner with Moldovan counterparts to put into practice innovative solutions, financed as part of Polish Challenge Fund, implemented by UNDP. Each selected initiative will be awarded up to US$40,000. 

The projects span across sectors such as agriculture, water and sanitation, food industry, environmental sustainability, and technology:

  • Biotech Partner, in partnership with National Association for Rural Development will use innovative biotechnology to produce organic fertilizers from local agricultural waste, providing an economical and sustainable alternative to mineral fertilizers. 
  • Rebread LLC, in partnership with Glincor Bakery from Ștefan-Vodă and Baraș Boris Bakery from the Lăpușna village, Hînceşti district will transform waste bread (stale bread) into super-flour with diverse industrial applications, reducing costs and environmental impact of the baking process. 
  • Prote Technologie dla Środowiska LLC, in partnership with municipal enterprises “Apă-Canal Chișinău” and “Apă-Canal Cimișlia”, will deploy a green technology to improve the quality of the drinking water and enhance the distribution networks. The technology resolves issues like rusty pipelines and scale deposits, positively impacting microbiological safety and reducing water pollution. 
  • Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorcze Radomianki, in partnership with the National Association for Inbound Tourism in Moldova, will enhance the skills of five agri-tourism businesses, some of them led by women, by conducting a training programme and guiding the participants through challenges related to product development, storytelling, content creation, and market access. 
  • Metalerd LLC, in partnership with Crocmaz village authorities from the Ștefan Vodă district, will install adaptable low-temperature boilers with biomass combustion chambers in the local primary healthcare centre. The boilers will optimize existing infrastructure, reduce emissions, and use locally sourced biomass fuels (from straw). 

The Polish Challenge Fund is an initiative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub, supporting the use of innovative solutions and Polish know-how, knowledge, and experience to solve development challenges in selected partner countries. To this date, the Polish Challenge Fund supported the implementation of 30 projects, of which 12 – in Moldova.