Companies in the industrial sector will have more energy auditors at their disposal to find energy efficiency solutions

February 27, 2023

A training of trainers programme for energy auditors in the industrial sector was launched in February 2023, in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Agency (AEE) and the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) with the support of the programme "Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova", financed by the European Union and implemented by UNDP Moldova.

18 experts participated in the first round of the training programme, who will be then able to train other energy auditors.

"The energy audit is a diagnosis with which any project to improve energy efficiency starts, either in a building or in a production company. Considering that in the Republic of Moldova the energy intensity is about three times higher than in the European Union, the ability to carry out comprehensive energy audits will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our enterprises," said Mihail Lupu, component manager within the "Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova" programme.

The courses are conducted by a team of experts from Romania, with strong experience in the industrial sector.

"As a candidate country for joining the EU, the Republic of Moldova has aligned to several programmes of the European Union, with the objectives of increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The energy audit highlights energy costs, essential losses and proposes solutions for them including by using optimal technologies. Thus, we contribute to increasing competitiveness and reducing the impact on the environment," said UTM Deputy Rector Dinu Țurcanu.

According to Ion Muntean, Energy Efficiency Agency’s director, the institution has the necessary equipment for the energy audit in buildings and intends to manage the training courses for energy auditors and other specialists in the field. "The energy audit is part of the puzzle we are putting together to achieve energy efficiency and climate goals. There is a major interest and demand from the business environment for energy audit services from and in certain fields it will become mandatory."

Currently, the energy audit is mandatory for energy efficiency projects in buildings financed from the public budget. According to the AEE register, 57 auditors specialized in the building sector, 22 specialized in industry and 20 in transport are currently authorized.

With a budget of €10 million, the “Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova” programme helps fight climate change by reducing the impact of the energy crisis and mitigating the burden of energy poverty.

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