600 students from Floresti benefit from access to Digital Labs

April 20, 2022



600 students from Floresti town have now the necessary conditions to study the professions of the future. This is because Digital Labs were launched at the high school "Miron Costin, which imply customized learning spaces equipped with the latest digital equipment.

The Digital Labs are part of the "Tekwill in Every School" project, which aims to transform education in the Republic of Moldova and to raise a long-term generation that is able to respond to national and global socio-economic challenges.

The initiative meets education needs and will help students to train, improve and test their digital skills needed for the professions of the future.

Iurie Turcanu, Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization: "Information technologies help us become more resourceful, creative and willing to explore and learn new things. It is obvious that everything related to innovation in educational institutions is aimed at developing young people's skills to be better prepared for the professions of the future. I would like to thank the teachers that have shifted their specialization and embraced technology through innovative teaching methods. It is important to keep the rhythm of this modern teaching process and maintain the connection with science and digital education."

Adriana Cazacu, State Secretary, Ministry of Education and Research: "This beautiful achievement was made possible thanks to all the partners who supported the ‘Tekwill in Every School’ project. The future belongs to technologies, because they have entered all fields, and even more so in education. For this reason, it is important to empower both teachers and students to know and master technologies, to become a skill, because they make our life, work and activity easier. Regardless of the field in which you will develop a career, technology skills are necessary and in high demand."

John Riordan, Deputy Head of USAID Mission in Moldova: "The Digital Labs would not be functional without the managers of the institution and the teachers who are teaching. We are aware that every day is an effort and hard work, and educating a generation to know information technologies is very valuable. We are proud to support such initiatives, and students need to know that success depends on their interest and how they can benefit from these tools. You are the future, we wish you success!"

Dima Al-Khatib, UNDP Moldova Resident Representative: " We are proud of our partnerships and we are very pleased with our support to the ‘Tekwill in Every School Programme’ in embracing the journey of digital transformation and equipping Moldovan schools with Digital Labs with high-performing devices and a modern space where students can master their tech skills and create innovative projects."

The Digital Labs is divided in five thematic zones:

  1. for teachers, equipped with desk, widescreen and interactive blackboard;
  2. for students, equipped with laptops, computers and webcams;
  3. for printing;
  4. creative, equipped with a blackboard and armchairs;
  5. for storage.

This ensures both the proper running of thematic courses and provides access to information technology for students who do not have a digital device at home.

The Digital Labs were launched in Floresti on the eve of the World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Ana Chirita, director of the Tekwill project: "Four years ago I realised that the biggest challenge facing the IT field is people, i.e. the lack of qualified specialists to meet the challenges in the field. Together with the Ministry of Education and Research, we concluded that we need to create content that is validated in the labour market and needed by the private sector. During this period, we have developed the project and considerably expanded the number of schools that are part of the ‘Tekwill in Every School’ programme. We are proud that from autumn 50,000 students in the country will study the professions of the future, thus giving children in the regions the opportunity to study information technologies and learn about the professions of the future. We want to have such digital labs in all schools in the country and give everyone the chance to benefit from digital knowledge."

More than 200 students from the high school "Miron Costin" from Floresti are already studying the professions of the future, within the "Tekwill in Every School" project, together with the 7 teachers who attended the training courses. Thus, optional subjects are taught: web programming and development, entrepreneurship, graphic design, algorithm programming in C/C++, but also mobile applications.

The initiative is implemented within the "Tekwill in Every School" project, developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research, supported by development partners USAID Moldova, Sweden, EU4Moldova and UNDP Moldova.