UNDP launches a funding competition for digital solutions that will support refugees from Ukraine and host communities in Moldova

Posted March 29, 2022


Photo: Ion Buga/UNDP Moldova


UNDP Moldova announces a funding competition for digital solutions for accessing public services dedicated to refugees from Ukraine who have come to the Republic of Moldova, as well as for authorities and host communities.

The solutions proposed shall be focused on the implementation or development of Digital Public Goods. Reusing, localising or scaling open technologies and data can provide a rapid way to respond to the many currently faced challenges. The competition is conducted in partnership with the e-Government Agency and the IT company Monday.com.

The organizers invite Moldovan and Ukrainian ICT companies to present digital solutions that will improve:

  • security of the refugees from Ukraine;
  • access to health, health practices and well-being;
  • access to education and digital literacy;
  • logistics automation;
  • digital certification;
  • cyber security and fintech;
  • access to and delivery of public services (at the local and/or central level);   
  • financial inclusion;
  • others.

The selected solutions will be funded by UNDP Moldova, the financial support provided being of maximum of US$40,000, but not more than 50% of the total value of the proposal. In the case of collaborative groups of companies, the contributions will be shared equally between the companies involved or according to the specific requirements of the submitted proposal.

The following private entities in the ICT sector, registered (or in the process of registration) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova/Ukraine can apply:

  • Privately owned IT companies from Moldova/Ukraine, registered and operating in Moldova/Ukraine;
  • Start-ups and groups of initiative in the process to register the IT company under Moldovan/Ukrainian legislation (registration shall take place before contract’s signature).

Collaborative groups may partner with private, public and NGO sector institutions – specialized associations, government agencies, LPAs, schools, hospitals, universities, research institutions etc.

The competition takes place in two stages (submission of the concept note and the full application). The deadline for submission of concept notes is 12 April 2022, 16:00. Only the selected concepts will be promoted to the next stage (submitting the full application).

More information about the competition is available here, and the Operational Manual may be downloaded at this link.

UNDP is conducting this funding competition in the framework of the “Accelerating digital transformation in the public sector in the Republic of Moldova” project.