UNDP Supporting Lebanese Host Communities Since 2014

Since 2014, UNDP has successfully mobilized nearly a quarter of a billion ‎US dollars in Host Community Support, benefiting over 5 million people ‎across Lebanon through 854 projects.
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In the aftermath of the Syria crisis, Lebanon continues to host more than 1.5 million displaced Syrians, the largest number of displaced per capita in the world. The recent unfolding situation in Lebanon at the political, economic, and financial levels, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and Beirut Blast, are increasing pressures on host communities, displaced Syrians, and Palestinian refugees residing in the country.

Data from the latest Tension Monitoring reports there exists a dramatic increase in risks to social stability both at intercommunal and intracommunal levels. COVID-19 and the Beirut Blast have exacerbated the impact of the socio-economic and financial crisis in the country.

Gender disparities and unequal conditions for disadvantaged groups have increased, with women’s unemployment rate increasing from 14.3% before the crisis to 26%.

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