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How we do business

Procurement is the overall process of acquiring goods, civil works and services which includes all functions from the identification of needs, selection and solicitation of sources, preparation and award of contract, and all phases of contract administration through the end of a services’ contract or the useful life of an asset.

UNDP Lebanon has launched e-Tendering in September 2017, which effectively means that gradually paper based submissions of bidding documents will be phased out and UNDP Lebanon will use in future digital platforms of submitting bids.

Interested bidders and current vendors of UNDP Lebanon are strongly encouraged to register at the e-Tendering Portal at: In future, interested bidders and current vendors of UNDP Lebanon that have not registered on the e-Tendering portal MUST register in order to be able to prepare and submit bids to UNDP Lebanon. For further assistance and support related to eTendering, interested bidders may review the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) section on this website.

As a public organization entrusted with donor funds and committed to supporting developing economies, UNDP abides by the following principles:

Best Value for Money means selection of the offer, which presents the optimum combination of life-cycle costs and benefits, which meet the end-users’ needs. Best Value for Money is the result of several factors, including quality, experience, the vendor’s reputation, and parameters that measure how well the good or service allows the organization to meet its social, environmental or other strategic objectives.

Fairness, Integrity and Transparency, which ensures that competitive processes are fair, open, and rules-based. All potential vendors should be treated equally, and the process should feature clear evaluation criteria, unambiguous solicitation instructions, realistic requirements, and rules and procedures that are easy to understand.

Effective International Competition, understood as giving all potential vendors timely and adequate information on UNDP requirements, as well as equal opportunity to participate in procurement actions, and restricting them only when it is absolutely necessary to achieve UNDP development goals.

In the best interest of UNDP, which means that any business transactions must conform to the mandates and principles of UNDP and the United Nations.

UNDP Procurement is based on competitive bidding. Depending on the type, complexity, size and value of the project and its procurement elements, commonly used methods of solicitation include:


Micro-Purchasing is a simplified and informal procurement method intended for the purchase of readily available goods, standardized services and small works, and where the contract amounts involved are not expected to exceed $10,000. Micro-Purchasing may be undertaken through canvassing of at least two vendors and award is made to the lowest price available.

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

An RFQ is an informal invitation to submit a quotation, usually for goods and civil works at a value between US$10,000 and $150,000. Prices, and other commercial terms and conditions are requested and award is made to the lowest priced technically acceptable offer.

Invitation to Bid (ITB)

An ITB is a formal invitation to submit a bid, usually associated with requirements that are clearly and concisely defined, with an estimated procurement value of US$150,000 or more. Normally price is the sole determinant in making an award. Where all technical criteria are met, award is made to the lowest bidder.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

A RFP is a formal request to submit a proposal, usually associated with requirements for services, which cannot be clearly or concisely defined. Price is only one of several factors comprising the evaluation criteria. Award is made to the qualified bidder whose bid substantially conforms to the requirement set forth on the solicitation documents and is evaluated to be the lowest cost to UNDP or the qualified bidder that obtains the highest cumulative score of technical and financial evaluation

In some cases, exceptions to competition are being made and direct contracting is used. This usually happens when a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) is in place, either globally (HQ) or locally (at country office level).

Evaluation Process

Evaluation is the process of assessing offers and submitted proposals in accordance with established evaluation methodology and criteria, with the goal of obtaining the best value for money. The process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner to ensure equal treatment of all bidders.

The Evaluation Committee consists of three to five members depending on the nature, complexity and value of the procurement activity. Furthermore, the Evaluation Committee is chaired by an experienced individual, usually a member of the UNDP Country Team.

In selecting the members of the evaluation team, the type of procurement being carried out is considered. Representatives from the funding source, the client organization, or national representatives may participate in the evaluation process only as observers. All observers and participants in the evaluation team sign a Declaration of Impartiality.

Vendor Protest UNDP’s vendor protest procedure provides an opportunity for appeal to those persons or firms not awarded a purchase order or contract through a competitive procurement process. In the event that a Proposer believes that it was not treated fairly, the following link provides further details regarding UNDP vendor protest procedures.

Contracts' Awards

All past competitions (winner name and awarded contract amount) can be found under the following link. UNDP may proactively provide a debriefing to bidders that were not awarded with a contract, however the amount of ongoing procurement processes does not always allow such follow up.

UNDP Policy against Fraud and other Corrupt Practices

More on UNDP Procurement procedures

Current Notices

Development Area Reference Number Title Deadline Posted Location
OTHER 90396 LBN-CO-RFP-110-22 Municipal Finance Solutions - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON - LEBANON 10-May-22 21-Apr-22 UNDP Country Office - LEBANON
OTHER 90347 National-Developing Gender Equality Strategy for UNDP Lebanon-LBN-CO-IC-112-22 - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON 11-May-22 20-Apr-22 UNDP Country Office
OTHER 90417 LBN-CO-RFP-113-22 Updating dev Simplified Economic - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON - LEBANON 11-May-22 21-Apr-22 UNDP Country Office - LEBANON
AGRICULTURE GENERAL 90455 LBN-CO-RFP-117-22 Capacity Building North Bekaa - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON 12-May-22 22-Apr-22 UNDP Country Office
SERVICES 90450 LBN-CO-RFP-114-22-Capacity Building-Bekaa - Country Office - LEBANON 12-May-22 22-Apr-22 Country Office
SERVICES 90443 LBN-CO-RFP-90-22-Capacity Building 2 Lots - Country Office - LEBANON 12-May-22 22-Apr-22 Country Office
OTHER 90409 LBN-CO-RFQ-111-22Design-Developm of Toolbox - UNDP Country office - LEBANON 12-May-22 21-Apr-22 UNDP Country office
POWER 90068 LBN-CO-ITB-100-22-Solar PV Petco Facility - Country Office - LEBANON 13-May-22 12-Apr-22 Country Office
CONSULTANTS 90936 Individual consultancy (on behalf of UNRCO) - Reposting - National or International RC/HC Advisor on Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP). LBN-CO-IC-125-22 - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON - LEBANON - LEBANON 16-May-22 09-May-22 UNDP Country Office - LEBANON - LEBANON
OTHER 90657 LBN-CO-RFQ-116-22Supply and Delivery of Stationery - UNDP Country office - LEBANON 16-May-22 28-Apr-22 UNDP Country office
SERVICES 90595 LBN-CO-RFP-120-22 Train the Trainers - Country Office - LEBANON 17-May-22 27-Apr-22 Country Office
SERVICES 90556 LBN-CO-RFP-104-22 Train The Trainers - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON 17-May-22 26-Apr-22 UNDP Country Office
OTHER 90351 LBN-CO-CFP-107-22 Technical Support - UNDP Country office - LEBANON 18-May-22 20-Apr-22 UNDP Country office
POWER 90659 LBN-CO-ITB-122-22-Solar PV systems 2 lots - Country Office - LEBANON 19-May-22 28-Apr-22 Country Office
CONSTRUCTION 90560 LBN-CO-ITB-118-22 Hrajel Irrigation - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON 19-May-22 26-Apr-22 UNDP Country Office
CONSTRUCTION 90848 LBN-CO-ITB-123-22 Construction ofGreen Houses-Abra - UNDP Country Office - LEBANON - LEBANON 23-May-22 05-May-22 UNDP Country Office - LEBANON
SERVICES 91052 LBN-CO-ITP-130-22- Zahle WWTP - Country Office - LEBANON 26-May-22 11-May-22 Country Office
VEHICLES 90837 LBN-CO-ITB-106-22-Four Vehicles - Country Office - LEBANON 26-May-22 05-May-22 Country Office
OTHER 90987 LBN-CO-RFP-124-22Impact Analysis of media componen - UNDP Country office - LEBANON 31-May-22 10-May-22 UNDP Country office
SERVICES 91046 LBN-CO-CFP-129-22Youth Employability Relaunch - UNDP Country office - LEBANON 01-Jun-22 11-May-22 UNDP Country office