Mother and daughter embark on their family BEESness

By Ornella Najem, Communications Officer, UNDP Lebanon

June 14, 2022
Women at Beehives

Meet Theresa and Maria Nehme, the mother-daughter beekeeping team from the North of Lebanon, who have found a passion and a promising source of income from the rewarding world of bee colonies.

“While countless SMEs and startups are closing their doors due to the harsh crisis in the country, we are opening our own business and that in itself is inspiring,” expressed Maria.

Through UNDP and Canada’s support, the pair, alongside more than 240 women from across Lebanon, attended a beekeeping training and “caught the bug” after being provided with all the needed equipment and tools, and empowered to venture into establishing their own business.

“From three hives to 100, your push helped us build an independent operation, grow, and insist on achieving our highest goals,” Maria added.

Photo credit: UNDP Lebanon/ Rana Sweidan

As they increasingly become well-known for their delicious and raw honey, they are working on launching their online pages “Vita-Bee” and exporting abroad. Additionally, one of their top expansion priorities is to start producing honey-infused skin-care products.

Women working in beehives
Photo credit: UNDP Lebanon/ Rana Sweidan

“The business is giving my daughter a reason to stay connected to her country, invest her skills in it, and stay,” Theresa told us.

“Our natural honey is being used as a treatment and medicine by many as we are ensuring the healthiest means of extraction and preparation,” she added.

Women working in beehives
Photo credit: UNDP Lebanon/ Rana Sweidan

Inspired by the bees’ hard-work and fierce determination, Theresa and Maria are flying the flag for women’s economic participation across all sectors and fields.