Little Hands of Hope

December 24, 2020

The invisible wounds left behind by the Beirut blast of August 4 have had an impact on the mental health of children, many of whom have yet to process their emotions or overcome the fear and trauma to the extent that some are still scared, scared of being inside their homes. 

In an effort to help them recover and surpass the struggle, UNDP joined hands with Cranium and Lebanon Reforestation Initiative to support children in understanding their experiences and feelings through healthy, creative, and interactive psychosocial support. 

After winning a grant with the UNDP Lebanon Youth Entrepreneurs project in 2016, Cranium grew from a start-up to an implementing partner and is currently taking part in the Beirut blast response.

“We are thankful for the support we received from UNDP that gave us the opportunity to give back to our community by helping children release tension, learn, and tell their stories after the terrible explosion,” said Joelle Bechara, founder of Cranium STEAM Education Platform.

While building their robots with their own hands, children are expressing their thoughts, asking questions, participating in the positive dynamism and letting go of the barriers towards a safe and healthy future ahead.