Speech by Ms.Chamberlain at the CREATE4 Creative Industries Festival

April 29, 2022

Dear Partners, Dear Journalists,

Today is a special day for all creators and innovators in Kyrgyzstan committed to the development of a prosperous, bright and sustainable future of the country. We are celebrating the World Creativity and Innovation Day with Kyrgyzstan’s first creative industries’ festival titled “CREATE4”.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN's global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are continuously exploring ways to do development differently, helping countries innovate, and harness the potential of its talented people, while also generating opportunities for the most vulnerable.

The creative sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy. It is highly transformative in terms of income generation, green job creation and export earnings. But it is also an inclusive sector, with great opportunities to empower women. More than 60% of those involved in Kyrgyzstan’s creative economy are women and 40% are young people below the age of 30.

The creative economy provides not only economic benefits - it contributes to a more socially cohesive society. Creativity is both a driver and enabler of human and sustainable development.

The precious multi-cultural and multi-ethnic diversity of Kyrgyzstan fuels creativity of the people, building on the nomad heritage and exquisite traditional arts. So the country is uniquely positioned in terms of promoting creative products and services worldwide.

In this regard, UNDP highly appreciates the efforts of the Government and President Japarov in recognizing the creative economy as one of the priority areas in national policy. The creative economy represents a decentralised economic growth model with favorable conditions for development and for the growth of domestic private sector.

UNDP is ready to support these efforts and accompany Kyrgyzstan on this journey, and we will continue to build alliances with national partners and private sector to deepen and accelerate the engagement of creative industries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through innovative approaches in the Kyrgyz Republic.  

Dear Excellency Mr President, Sadyr Nur-go-jo-evich,

Distinguished Guests,

Creators and Innovators!

I am honored and delighted to welcome you on the occasion of Kyrgyzstan’s First Creative Industries’ Festival “CREATE4”!

It’s exciting to see that so many of you have come here today to celebrate on World Creativity and Innovation Day. You will learn from our fabulous speakers about their stories of success, how to realize your skills and talents, build your network, about future collaboration and job opportunities.

The creative economy is a dynamic sector that provides decentralised income generating opportunities and helps to develop an inclusive and socially cohesive society, by placing people with their talents and skills at the center of the development process and inviting cooperation across all borders and divisions.

With the outstanding cultural heritage and ethnic diversity of Kyrgyzstan, including its amazing nomad heritage and freedom spirit, the creative economy has a unique comparative advantage and great potential in this country. Thanks to digital technologies, we now have opportunity to engage many more people in creative jobs and enhance the export potential of goods and services produced here.

We commend the efforts of the Government and His Excellency the President in recognizing the creative economy as a priority area, with intent to provide favorable conditions for its development. Enabling policies and a stronger education system will be critical for the employment and income generation potential of the sector.

Today’s Festival is broadcast in all seven regions of Kyrgyzstan including through 10 UNDP-supported Youth Centers and the Osh IT Hub to raise awareness about creative economy and to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas.

UNDP is the UN's global development network. We advocate for change and connect countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We constantly explore ways to do development differently, helping countries innovate and generate opportunities for those who are vulnerable.

UNDP is committed to help you, creators and innovators of Kyrgyzstan, to develop this country to its full potential. Dear Girls and Boys, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure you have already felt the creative vibe of the Festival here today. I hope you will have the courage and support to believe in your own ability – dare to develop your potential, to start a business, to trust in the power of co-creation. Together, we will stimulate innovation and creativity for the benefit of the country.

Chong Rahmat!