UNDP helps to expand opportunities for development among the youth of Batken

April 12, 2023


Batken, Kyrgyzstan / 10 April 2023 – UNDP joins PA "Youth of Osh" and EU in supporting the local development initiatives in Batken by creating an environment to bring young people together and facilitate dialogue to advance their knowledge and meaningful engagement that prevents outbreaks of violence and contributes to peacebuilding and social cohesion.

Thus, UNDP and the PA “Youth of Osh” signed a Memorandum of Cooperation within the framework of the Youth Creative Center to further implement joint measures to engage young people in the socio-economic and cultural life of the city, increase social cohesion, build capacity, develop, and implement creative start-ups with a special focus on attracting girls to digital professions, entering labor markets, and generating sustainable livelihoods.

Akmaral Satinbaeva, head of PA "Youth of Osh" (left) and monica Rijal, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan (right) signing a Memorandum of Cooperation


The Youth Creative Center is designed to become a multifunctional platform that serves as a workplace, public space, educational platform, and leisure center. To advance the local social infrastructure and improve space for young individuals from different communities to interact and engage through common interests, UNDP provided office equipment and launched “Sanarip Ayimdar” educational courses on computer literacy, IT, SMM, graphic design and mobilography. The initiative aims to reduce the digital gender divide by developing girls' digital skills to empower them in local and international labor markets. 

The Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in Batken province Mr.Isakov Zhanybek pointed out that the youth center will contribute to the development of Batken, integration of modern technologies and creation of employment opportunities. "Batken now has a meeting place not only for young people but for all creative people. This is a place where they will connect, communicate, and learn from each other” – he said.

This Youth Creative Center is going to become a unique place for young people in Batken to spend time usefully, learn new things, create, and discuss ideas. Trainings, master classes, conferences, informal meetings, discussions, and youth events in various areas of socio-economic, cultural, and humanitarian significance will be held here. This will help young people to unlock their potential, develop their professional skills, generate new business ideas, and implement them, as well as increase youth participation in the social and economic life of the city and region in general.

“UNDP promotes social cohesion by supporting girls in finding new opportunities for education, self-development, and employment, including in the digital space, given the growing role of digital skills in today's environment. We believe that the development of digital and creative skills among girls in the regions is key to reducing the digital gender gap and personal growth, said UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan Monica Rijal.

Now, when the Youth Hub has modern computers with licensed programs, photo and video editors, young residents will be able to generate media content. It will become a kind of factory for future designers, videographers, photographers, SMM specialists and bloggers. 

The Youth Creative Hub in Batken was established in 2022 by the PA “Youth of Osh” with the financial support of the European Union and DVV International. In 2023, UNDP provided the center with technical equipment and furniture for a total amount of more than 1.8 million KGS (~$21,000), including 15 laptops for programming and professional video editing, a camera, an MFP, a projector, etc.