In honor of the International Children's Day, a playground was opened in the village of Ak-Tyuz

June 8, 2022
Local children during the opening ceremony of the playground in Ak-Tyuz village

Local children during the opening ceremony of the playground in Ak-Tyuz village

Adilet Sekimov

In honor of the celebration of International Children's Day, the opening ceremony of the playground for children from the Ak-Tyuz village of the Chui region was held. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ak-Tyuz ayil okmotu, deputies of the local kenesh, the head of the Public Association “ECO-Maksat”, villagers, and children of different ages. The ceremony was accompanied by various games and competitions for the development of a sports lifestyle among children.

In his speech, the head of the aiyl okmotu congratulated all the children on the holiday and noted: “Children are our future generation that needs a sustainable tomorrow. Caring and providing a safe environment for them is our priority. We would like to express our gratitude to sponsors, UNDP, and the European Union for the allocation of grant funds and local patrons for their assistance in the construction of the playground and the contribution of the villagers.”

For reference: The playground was built with grant funds allocated by UNDP within the framework of the project “Stakeholder Engagement for Uranium Legacy Remediation in Central Asia” funded by the European Union.

Within the project the following works were carried out:

  • installed benches with shady canopy,
  • installed garbage bins,
  • installed swing, slide, climbing sports complex, balance beam, carousel, and sandbox,
  • produced and installed stands for lighting and fencing,
  • installed paved paths, as well as planted seedlings.