A creative initiative "ARTurduuluk" has been launched in Osh

A creative laboratory "ARTүrdүүluk" has been launched in Osh to promote the values of cultural diversity and intercultural tolerance, laid down in the Civil Identity Concept "Kyrgyz Zharany"

August 3, 2023


03.08.2023 / Osh, Kyrgyzstan – Yesterday, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in partnership with the Osh Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after T. Sadykov and ART Hotel gave the official launch of the creative laboratory "ARTurduuluk". The word 'Ar Tүrdүүluk' in Kyrgyz means the diversity of cultures. The initiative aims to widely disseminate the values of civic identity embedded in the Kyrgyz Zharany concept through fine arts, historical and cultural heritage.

The open-air initiative will last a week with the participation of 10 artists of Kyrgyzstan, who will travel along the #Pamir route by making stops in Osh-Mady-Gulcho-Sary-Tash-Daroot-Korgon to depict local people in their communities.


“This painting technique is called "Pleinair", it comes from French 'plein air' and means 'open air' - this is a painting technique used outside the workshop, outdoors in natural light. We plan to show the artists the picturesque places of the Alai Valley - jailoo, waterfalls, road to the Lenin Peak, and springs. We hope that it will be interesting for the people of Kyrgyzstan to get to know the history and culture of the southern region of the country through the eyes of artists,” says Midinova Baktygul, director of the Osh Regional Museum of Fine Arts. T. Sadykov.


“The event promotes the values of civic identity concept, which unites all ethnic communities by preserving their ethno-cultural identity. In addition, it is expected that this interactive community based activity engaging local creative artists  will be a good example of community activity,” said Tursunaliev Bekzhan, a representative of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Information and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

“UNDP supports the efforts of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to promote a common and inclusive civic identity, strengthened through dialogue among communities, inclusive and accountable governance, and strengthening preventive measures to reduce conflict risks to the country. Within this dimension, we contribute to strengthening policies and institutional mechanisms for inclusive and accountable governance at the national and local levels, preserving diversity and increasing tolerance in society. Art platforms in this sense allow strengthening the unity of communities through art,” said Mukash Kaldarov, Senior Advisor for Social Cohesion of the UNDP Governance and Peacebuilding Program in the Kyrgyz Republic. 

At the end of the plein air, the participants will be given the opportunity to finalize their projects within a month. The final event of the project will be a reporting exhibition in late August - early September. There will also be an auction of some of the works, all funds from the sales will be donated to the community of women with disabilities. 

Priority areas of the "Kyrgyz Zharany" Concept for the Development of Civil Identity for 2021-2026 include: 

1. Formation of a conscious understanding of the civic identity of "Kyrgyz Zharany" 

2. Strengthening the unity of the people of Kyrgyzstan, increasing tolerance and maintaining respect for the values of diversity 

3. Development and promotion of the state language, preservation and development of multilingualism 

4. Creating conditions for an equitable access to management and decision-making processes 

5. Increasing social trust to political institutions and public authorities.