Create4 Festival “Rhythm of the City”

April 10, 2023

April 10, 2023, Osh – Bright accent in the cultural life of the city - the "Rhythm of the City" Create4 festival held on April 8, 2023, in front of the Osh Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after Turgunbay Sadykov, where art united creators and guests. 

Undoubtedly, modern conditions for sustainable development must also contribute to strengthening intercultural relations. "Rhythm of the City" Create4 Festival is a space for popularizing the diversity of national cultures, strengthening intercultural relations, forming an atmosphere of respect for the historical heritage of the city through the development of creative industries.

The festival has been attended by various creative, professional and ethno-cultural groups, whose activities are associated with the creative industries, preservation and development of the historical cultural heritage, preservation of cultural diversity, interethnic harmony.

The Create4 Festival "Rhythm of the City" is not an event but a promising platform unleashing the potential of creative industries in Osh as a mechanism for strengthening social cohesion and diversity of inter-cultural ties, youth empowerment and local development. We are excited to see so many partners who co-created and committed to launch the platform aimed at promoting interethnic harmony and peace” – admitted Monica Rijal, Deputy Resident Representative UNDP Kyrgyzstan in her welcoming speech. 

On this day everyone was able to try themselves in various interesting master classes from "Toy Art" on painting on fabric, on kurak, on watercolor, on epoxy resin, on chiy kuurchak, on pottery, on modeling with plasticine, on painting on ceramics. Osh citizens and guests not only enjoyed various workshops, exhibitions and concerts, but also had a chance to purchase unique products from the city's artisans and craftsmen: unique postcards, colorful posters, handmade books, and other craft products. The best artists of Osh painted portraits by order. 

As part of the event, 2 panel discussions conducted on the topic: "Creative Industries of Osh" and "Green City". Representatives from the creative industries, art, culture, digital technologies, socio-economic development, as well as experts in various professional fields spoke about opportunities for everyone in the creative industry. The questions of environmental protection and creation of a more environmentally friendly city also discussed. The speakers shared their experiences and knowledge and presented their ideas and innovative projects that can change the city for the better. 

A fashion show by talented local designers and the "Street style" show by residents of Osh demonstrated unique to Osh style. Virtual exhibition "Osh through the eyes of artists” with various sections devoted to the history and culture of Osh city in different decades was accessible by QR-code. Opening the new exhibition of works by famous local sculptor Mamat Kamchibekov was another delightful moment of the festival and is dedicated to the memory of the talented artist, known for his unusual and creative works. 

Due to the fact that the Create4 Festival "Rhythm of the City" held during the Muslim fasting time - Ramadan, the food court opened after 19:00, where special place was taken by a very special and tasty rice pilaf from local artisan chief Sharobidin Matisakov. 

The event promoted cultural exchange between the different ethnic diasporas. Citizens and guests of Osh discovered new and synchronized with the "Rhythm of the City".

The Create4 Festival "Rhythm of the City" is implemented by the team of the Osh Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after T. Sadykov and the public foundation "Women's Peace Bank" with the financial support of UNDP


Photos from the event: 

Contacts for media: Nurzhan Alymkanova, communications specialist UNDP