Fire and Rescue Unit Mission: Conversation with Shaiyrbek Tuibasov

July 30, 2021

The moment a person learned to control fire, his life changed dramatically. But fire is a wild element, and it is impossible to completely tame it. Relax a little and the flames can consume everything around you. An ordinary person cannot cope with the raging elements, therefore in the modern world there are fire and rescue units that come to the rescue at the right moment.

Our hero Tuibasov Shaiyrbek Zhanbylovich is the deputy head of the specialized fire and rescue unit No. 13 of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the city of Osh. His work experience in the Ministry of Emergency Situations is 10 years.

As a child, I read a book "No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten", which caused a feeling of patriotism in me. In my school years, there were parades on February 23rd, March 8th and May 9th. On those days my father would wear his military uniform. Our older generation, war heroes, took part in solemn parades – which was all very inspiring. And I decided to enter the military service.

The firefighter profession requires working in a constantly changing and unstable environment. In a building on fire with people in need of rescue, even the usual structural integrity may be unavailable.

In fact, any profession is good if you love it. I love my profession: we help people, save their lives, receive gratitude. Of course, it also happens that in critical situations, people can show dissatisfaction, for example, if we run out of water and there is no hydrant nearby. By law, the owner of each property is responsible for complying with safety regulations. This person should install the hydrator at no more than 200m from the building. The first task of the driver of our team is to deliver the car to the place of call and provide the crew with water, that is, to determine the nearest hydrant. Our machines hold 4 tons of water, but often this amount is not enough to completely extinguish a fire, and buildings without permission or lack of compliance with safety measures make it impossible for us to do our job. We have a prevention department that deals with solving similar problems and obstacles in the city.

Our work is similar to the investigative work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In our case, we go to the call without knowing what happened there. And after extinguishing the fire, when everything has already been burnt, we need to identify what caused the fire and how it happened. A firefighter must be fully enlightened in all areas: he is a physicist, a chemist, an electrician, and a builder. It is not easy, because you need to master knowledge and constantly improve it, because the world does not stand still. The building materials, just as an example, change their fire resistance.

In order to significantly improve the quality of work of fire services within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the Government of the Republic of Korea and the United Nations Development Programme, the construction of a new fire and rescue station is underway in the city of Osh. UNDP will equip it with the latest equipment and fire-fighting equipment. Firefighters' working conditions will also be improved based on gender equality, universal access to fire services and sustainable development principles.

Real patriots who love their job come to the fire and rescue service. The most important thing for us is to save lives, preserve property, protect neighboring buildings, so we are, of course, proud of our employees. We are, of course, watching what good working conditions are in neighboring countries and abroad. We are very pleased that UNDP and KOICA will create such conditions for us by constructing a new building of the fire and rescue station and equipping it with the latest equipment.

It should always be remembered that it is easier to prevent a fire than to extinguish it. Therefore, MES employees inform the population and conduct briefings on fire safety measures at various facilities. It is important that people are familiar with the rules for maintaining the territory, buildings and premises, with information about escape routes and fire warning systems, with the rules for conducting hot work, what actions an employee must take if a fire occurs, and so on.

Once there was a case when a store in the bazaar caught fire. The store owner was able to put out the fire simply because in one of our briefings he learned how to use a fire extinguisher. If it had not been for the knowledge gained, perhaps the store and the goods could not have been saved.

One of the great things about fire and rescue workers is their endurance and resistance to stress. They are fighting to save lives.

Even if we are safely saving families, our hearts still break because their house just burned down. These people have spent so many years of hard work to acquire or build it. And then in a matter of minutes everything turned to ash.

According to the story of Shaiyrbek Zhanbylovich, most of the fires occur due to the carelessness of the person himself. At the moment, the main causes of fires are careless handling of fire, damaged electrical wiring and set fire to the grass.

You must always take care of the maintenance of your house or apartment. When leaving home, do not forget to turn off electrical appliances. For example, the most elementary: while we are not at home, the TV plug can cause a fire under external voltage. A discarded cigarette butt or match can easily catch fire when dropped on dry grass, or a small projectile from a spark from two wires can cause a fire.

Training for the firefighter profession is a combination of physical exercises with the study of the theoretical basis. This training can be obtained from specialized institutions. For those who want to devote their lives to this profession, you can enroll there by submitting an application directly to an educational institution or by initially contacting the fire department of your city.

We work closely with schools, holding events and competitions every year. There is a special group UDP (Young Friends of Firefighters), which was founded in 1992. This group of young firefighters was created in order to improve the system of training children in fire safety measures, their vocational guidance, propaganda of fire-technical knowledge and the implementation of tasks aimed at preventing fires and the ability to act in the event of a fire.

The first step to becoming a firefighter is to join this group. For those wishing to devote themselves to the profession of a firefighter, we have special schools, where you can enter after the end of the 9th grade. In addition, there are quotas for training in academies from neighboring countries on a budgetary basis. For example, in the cities of Kazakhstan, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Since specialists from all CIS countries come to these academies, this is a good opportunity to exchange experience.