November 22, 2023

The school bell ringing at ‘Shtjefёn Gjeçovi’ school in Janjevё/Janjevo signaled the end of the day’s lessons. An enchanting surprise awaited the Roma schoolchildren and children of other communities. The stage was set and the vibrant actors of “The Stubborn Guy” theatre play were poised to captivate the audience in the school's hall. Crafted by the artistic prowess of two Roma artists, Gynesh Veshall and Jasir Misini, 'The Stubborn Guy' unfolds as an engaging journey to educate children on the values of the Roma culture, and the significance of preserving and actively promoting cultural treasures.

Rohan Gradina, a young student from Janjevё/Janjevo, was not only thrilled to join the play for a few minutes but also happy to be able to delve deeper into the rich traditions of the Roma culture, and more significantly, passed on valuable lessons on the essence of friendship.

“We need to love and respect each other and value our friends - no matter their culture and background”, said Rohan.

For many children in Janjevё/Janjevo, this marks their first experience of watching a live theatre performance, bringing immense joy as they relish the chance to spend a delightful one-hour break after a day at school.

“I have never watched a theatre play before. This was fun, but I also learned a lot of new things about Roma culture”, said Elmedina Gashi, a schoolgirl from the Albanian community.

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