Thirty-Five Years of Activism and Inspiration – A Story of Giving Back to the Community

January 18, 2024

Daut Qylangjiu presenting the news at the Public Television (RTK)

Young people are committed to fighting hate speech through positive and historical perspectives with human narratives. Jasir, a member of our "Young Journalists" project, brings forward a story of a distinguished individual from a non-majority community in Kosovo, who used his achievements to bring about positive change in his community.

Daut Qylangjiu, an activist and journalist coming from Prizren, completed his studies in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism in Prishtinë/Priština. With more than 20 years of experience in the Roma editorial office of the Public Television of Kosovo (RTK), he has played a leading role in the report and events related to the Roma community, contributing to emphasizing its voice in the media, as a means of improving the social and economic standards of the community.

RTK has a dedicated channel for minorities, including the Roma community, which Qylangjiu is a part of.

The team that gives the news in the Roma edition on public television has followed a clear goal: maintaining and promoting the Romani language and Roma culture in the public media. This has not only shown Qylangjiu's perspective but also his commitment to preserving the identity of the Roma community in Kosovo.

The programme in the Romani language started in 1986, but was briefly interrupted during the conflict in Kosovo. Qylangjiu described the process of the re-opening of the programme in the Romani language at RTK.

“After the period of the interruption of the programme, the initiative for re-opening started after the conflict in Kosovo. Together with the local NGO "Durmish Aslano", I played a key role in lobbying for the re-opening of the programme along with various personalities, including the distinguished Professor of Journalism at the “University of Prizren” Ibrahim Elshani. The programme in the Romani language eventually reopened in 2003”, Qylangjiu says.

In his long journalistic journey, Qylangjiu’s mission was to surface the challenges of the Roma community in Kosovo. He also strongly advised that journalists should take care of learning and applying the fundamentals of journalism responsibly. He emphasized the need to establish public analysis and present the news in a fair and objective manner.

In the end, through his work in media, he emphasized that his contribution to the promotion of Roma identity, language and culture was not only a professional task, but a privilege. He believes that a common and equal society is based on respect and understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity.

The UN Community Volunteers/ "Young Journalists" project is part of the Regional UN project “Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust” implemented with the financial support of the UN Peacebuilding Fund.


Story by: Jasir Misini - a member of the "Young Journalists" project / UN regional joint initiative "Youth for Inclusion, Equality and Trust."