Paving the road for self-sustainably among Janjevё/Janjevo women

October 13, 2023

What an amazing day it has been, with inspiration and empowerment, as we spent time with up to 40 young girls & and women from Janjevё/Janjevo, exploring the world of arts and crafts, and the path to self-sustainability, while drawing inspiration from the amazing stories of successful women entrepreneurs.

The first meeting took place at Kino ‘Lumbardhi’ in Prizren, where they met with skilled and experienced craftswomen and learned about the art of crafting traditional costumes, including the exquisite dollama.

Bahtije Gashi shared her thoughts: "The process of crafting traditional clothing is astonishing. Yet, what truly inspired me was hearing motivating stories of the trainers, and their journey from humble beginnings to incredible successes.”

Young girls and women also visited Delvina Bytyçi, a self-employed woman who presented her venture, her wide range of traditional garments, and her invaluable insights on how her business became fully sustainable. 

Sevdije Bikliqi, a 70-year-old woman from Janjevё/Janjevo who joined the visit expressed her content, stating, “It fills my heart with joy to see these women preserving the traditions and providing for their families.”  

Among the participants were women actively engaged in skills development training for sewing, embroidery, arts, and crafts - part of our European Union and Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport funded “Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Economic Revival of Janjevё/Janjevo” project. They eagerly shared their plans to utilize this experience to shape their own entrepreneurial paths, towards self-employment. 

The best role model and promoter of this idea is Fahrije Hoti, the Head of the Agriculture Cooperative ‘Krusha’. She hosted the women from Janjevё/Janjevo generously sharing her unique journey of becoming one of Kosovo’s most successful female entrepreneurs.

“I begin my day at 6 am and finish at 6 pm. I’m always working side by side with other women, thriving together, and succeeding together” said Fahrije.

Fahrije’s story inspired Filloreta Gashi, to start brainstorming on ways to enhance the sales of plums cultivated on her family's property in Janjevё/Janjevo. Her vision is to establish a small and sustainable business and her determination resonates deeply with all the women present, as they embark on their unique journey towards transforming their skills into profitable and enduring ventures of their own.