February 16, 2023

Internships have been proven to offer an excellent entry point for professional growth for recent graduates in Kosovo and beyond. 
Over the last year, UNDP offered internship opportunities for tens of recent graduates under the Active Labour Market Programmes 3 (ALMP 3). Young women and men from rural and urban areas, representing diverse backgrounds, were placed in private enterprises and public institutions as interns for a period of six to eight months.

Antigona, Endrit, and Qëndresa are three of 12 young women and men from the Municipality of Kamenicë/a who were provided hands-on experience based on their studies, as part of the agreement between UNDP Kosovo and the Municipality of Kamenicë/a.

Antigona is currently in the seventh month of her internship at a local private law office, and she regards her experience as the most valuable opportunity she has been given so far. “From turning theory into practice, to advancing communication skills, I can freely say that I am undergoing a professional transition”, she says.
For Endrit this journey came to an end, as he completed the six-month internship at the Municipality Directorate of Education. Now he is a certified young professional in the education field. He recalls the early days of his internship, as an unforgettable immersion in the working environment. “I remember the first office tour and team working dynamics, a memory I will carry with me for the rest of my career”, he says.

Qëndresa, a recent graduate in food and biotechnology, commuted for six months from her village of Rubovc, to the Municipality of Kamenicë/a. She was assigned to the Municipality Directorate of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Development, where she had the chance to approach her study field in a practical manner and meet local farmers from various sectors. “The internship was worth the time, as I learned about rural needs and how I can contribute to generating prosperity. It was equally important for me to learn to adapt as a newbie and spent the early days of internship envisioning upcoming ones”, she says.


Coming with their own kinds of challenges, their internship stories reflect dedication and adherence to the local development and self-sustainability. 

The Digital Skills Programme (DSP) not only provide young women and men with employment-ready digital skills, but DSP also offers internships for outstanding performers. Since last year, 27 young women and men of different backgrounds, have been offered the opportunity to intern in ICT companies for a six-months.


Digital transformation requires everyone to advance their digital skills. Digital technology is increasingly affecting how people access public services, make decisions, and interact with each other. Therefore, investing in digital skills is key for accelerating inclusive digital transformation, and this is particularly relevant for those preparing to enter the labour market. 

When Erjona and Edmond decided to deepen their digital skills through DSP, they did not expect that it will immediately lead to new employment opportunities. Upon the training completion, they both were awarded internships among 200 trainees. 

The early days of internship found Erjona and Edmond enraptured by the idea of encountering hands-on experience.

Erjona is a young woman from Podujevë/a graduated in marketing. She started the internship at Softeh L.L.C, an ITC company improving businesses efficiency in Kosovo. “This internship has expanded my knowledge in the field of digital marketing and has given me greater opportunities for career development and employment”, she says.

Edmond, a young man from Klinë/a appreciates the fact that digitalization in Kosovo is more inclusive thanks to such initiatives. He majored in computer sciences and now is interning as web developer at Tactica L.L.C, an internationally recognized digital marketing agency dedicated to brands’ growth. Aside from professional rewards that the internship has provided for Edmond, he underlines the creative aspect in it. “I have devoted myself to web development, and this is a great opportunity to train and grow in this amazing field”, he says. 

Their internship performance is widely praised by their current employers, and now both are ready to step up to full-time job positions. 

The Internship Scheme is implemented by UNDP Kosovo through ALMP 3 project in partnership with the Municipality of Kamenicë/a, whereas Digital Skills Programme is implemented in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Züsammenarbeit (GIZ), and the financial support of UNDP Funding Window. 

Both initiatives contribute to ending poverty in all its forms (SDG1), ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all (SDG4), gender equality and women’s empowerment (SDG5), promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and full and productive employment and decent work for all (SDG8).

Story by Erblina Selmanaj