From Data Gaps to Climate Solutions: Weather Stations in Kosovo

August 4, 2023


This summer’s heat wave in Kosovo serves as a stark reminder of the need for climate preparedness.

Alongside the ongoing Stay Safe campaign, providing guidance on how to prepare, protect and take care of our health from the effects of heat waves, UNDP Kosovo has delivered on yet another climate promise.

Together with the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure (MESPI) and the Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute (KHMI), UNDP Kosovo has successfully worked to help better understand and tackle various issues caused by climate change.

Recognising the importance of accurate precipitation and air temperature data, UNDP Kosovo installed three automatic rain gauges, data loggers, and an automatic weather station across Kosovo. This is an additional step forward in supporting KHMI not only relying on 25 existing manual monitoring stations, which up until now led to data gaps and made it difficult to accurately predict and track floods and extreme weather.

The real-time data from the new weather stations will enable better climate management and more accurate forecasting of extreme heat periods. This knowledge is critical to help communities prepare for extreme heat and reduce its impact on the environment and public health.

The real-time data collection and processing of these weather stations is essential for building more accurate climate prediction models and will provide invaluable insights into weather patterns and extreme events such as floods and droughts. 

By improving forecasts, we will be better able to prevent and prepare for disasters and protect people's lives, livelihoods, and infrastructure. By prioritising climate action and adaptation measures, Kosovo is at the forefront of protecting the environment and ensuring a promising future for generations to come.

Through this initiative, UNDP Kosovo and MESPI continue to demonstrate the ongoing commitment to addressing the impact of climate change and adapt to it.

The installation of the new monitoring stations has paved the way for better cooperation and informed policy decisions on climate adaptation and preparedness. This directly contributes to the implementation of the Climate Change Law, the draft of which has already been adopted.

With innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to climate action, we're beating the heat and securing a cooler, greener future!