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July 17, 2017

We all know how difficult the transition from university to the job market can be. The access to the job market, choosing the appropriate company to work for, the demand for new employees: all of this can cause difficulties for job-seekers to land their first job.

The Internship programme, implemented by UNDP in close collaboration with the employment offices and the vocational training centres, intends to provide access to the labour market for newly graduated job-seekers from higher education institutions. The program provides job-seekers the opportunity to pursue two-month internships in private sector companies in order to support sustainable employment in Kosovo.*

More than 130 recent graduates participated in the program, which was launched throughout Kosovo. The entire recruitment process was facilitated by the Employment Offices, whose expertise matched every vacancy to the appropriate job-seeker. In this short paper, we present the profile of eight selected candidates–administrators, accountants, and lawyers–who, thanks to their dedication and willingness to work, have managed to launch their first jobs. How did they make it? Download your digital copy and read on their experiences and achievements; from interns to regular employees.

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