UNDP's Climate Promise




Where? Kosovo
Duration: April 2020 – Dec 2020 (duration to be extended)
Beneficiaries: Ministry of Economy and Environment (MEE), relevant departments and agencies, gender equality officials, governing and technical bodies responsible for implementing the CC Strategy, municipalities, CSOs, private companies and general population
Partners: MEE, CSOs, Private Sector
Project Budget: 140,000 USD
Donor: UNDP
Contacts: Enisa Serhati
Environment, Climate and Disaster Resilience
Portfolio Manager
Phone: +383 (0) 38 249 066 (Ext. 311)

Project Factsheet


The intended impact of the project “UNDP'S CLIMATE PROMISE” is to deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement, UNDP will support 100 countries to undertake an inclusive and transparent engagement process for enhancing their NDCs by 2020, with demonstrated increase in ambition.

The objective of the project in Kosovo is to Support Kosovo Institutions to set up more ambitious actions to reduce GHG contributions and enhance Action Plan on Climate Change

Goals (What do we want to achieve).   

UNDP’s goal is to ensure that all countries enhancing their NDCs can access the necessary financial and technical support to do so. Central to this strategy is UNDP’s engagement with, and through, the NDC Partnership – especially in the context of the Partnership’s new initiative, the Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP), which also is supporting enhancement of NDCs and fast-tracking of NDC implementation. UNDP has prioritised three categories of countries under the Promise: ambition champions, Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and high emitters.


1. Build Political Will & Societal Ownership at National/Sub-National Levels

2: Review, Align & Update/Enhance Current NDC Targets, Policies & Measures

3: Assess Costs & Investment Opportunities

4: Monitor Progress & Strengthen Transparency