UNDP rallies recording artistes under revived 'Voices for Climate Change Education' partnership

UNDP, Panos Caribbean, NEPA, Climate Change Division partner for World Environment Day special

June 9, 2022
Local artistes being interviewed for climate change feature

Climate activist and PhD candidate Jhannel Tomlinson interviewing Ras Rebellion, Aaron Silk, Grub Cooper, Duane Stephenson, and Grub Cooper for the World Environment Day special, 'Voices for Climate Change Education 13 Years Later: Past, Present and Future'.

UNDP/ Kane Inc Media photo


View World Environment Day 2022 Special - Voices for Climate Change Education 13 Years Later: Past, Present and Future

Phase one of a revived public education initiative using message music for Climate Action, debuted on World Environment Day 2022 on Television Jamaica, and social media, with talented local artistes in the spotlight. 

The television special revived a 13-year-old public education initiative spearheaded in 2009 by Panos Caribbean that produced the popular climate action anthem "Global Warning’ written by Lloyd Lovindeer, produced by Grub Cooper and performed by more than 30 local artistes. UNDP had helped sponsor the production of the music and music video as well as climate change 101 training for artistes under the 2009 initiative dubbed 'Voices for Climate Change Education'. 

As Phase 1 of the 2022 revitalized partnership, UNDP and Panos Caribbean joined with National Environment Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Climate Change Division in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation to debut a new 30-minute video feature, 'Voices for Climate Change Education 13 Years Later: Past, Present and Future'.

The video special premiered on Television Jamaica on 5 and 6 June featuring a fireside chat with Grub Cooper, the original producer of the 2009 Lovindeer-authored song 'Global Warning' and a new generation of artistes - Duane Stephenson, Aaron Silk, Ras Rebellion, Mezmoore Fari, and Jamaican Sammy Junior. The artistes discussed the impact of the 2009 song and how the music industry can be mobilized to strengthen their advocacy for climate action. The discussion was moderated by climate activist and PhD candidate Jhannel Tomlinson.

The video feature also featured short interviews with UNDP Resident Representative Denise E Antonio, CCD Principal Director UnaMay Gordon; NEPA's Director, Environmental Management and Conservation, Anthony McKenzie; and Indi McLymont Lafayette of Panos Caribbean.

UNDP's World Environment Day commemoration also featured an Op Ed entitled, Wanted: Citizen activists to take Climate Action to the Next Level for Greater Impact by the UNDP Resident Representative; A feature on UNDP's support for Climate Action in Jamaica through the years, and social media campaigns highlighting creative voices for climate change.  

In her message on the video feature, the UNDP Resident Representative indicated that global research indicates Climate change could drive an additional 100 million people into poverty by 2030.” The fact is: Climate Change impacts water and food security, coastal defences, economic growth, and livelihoods. UNDP’s global mission is to eradicate poverty while protecting the planet. As such, Climate Action is one of the pathways we employ to address this issue. This climate change education initiative was an opportunity to expand advocacy for climate action,” she said. 

View original music Video. Sing to the Lyrics 

As artistes you can use your voice and your talent as a rallying cry for climate action. Write songs and poems, record them. Tell your neighbour, friend and fellow citizen about the urgent need to tackle climate action. Call on your leaders to be bold. Call on leaders in industrialized countries to live up to their international climate commitments. We need you on board this movement.
Denise E Antonio, UNDP Resident Representative