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3-minute explainer of a new pilot project: "Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Young Farmers and Fishers in Jamaica

August 18, 2022
Video explaining a new climate action pilot project for young farmers and fishers in Jamaica

Scroll below to watch the new Video Explainer of a new Climate Change adaptation project for male and female fishers and farmers

Photo: UNDP Multi Country Office in Jamaica

Learn about a new gender-sensitive Climate Action project for young Fishers and Farmers

The Video Explainer

Young farmers 18 to 35 years of age account for just 20% of all farmers in Jamaica. Just under a third (31%) are female. In the Fisheries sector, the gender imbalance is far greater. Just 5.9% are female.

Imagine the possible impact if more young people and women could access the opportunity to thrive in these sectors. Imagine the potential for expansion of fresh food supplies, while reducing inequality and poverty.

Together, farmers and fishers are crucial for sustaining fresh food supplies. But lingering inequalities can curtail its potential, and Climate Change and Disasters can endanger food security.  

Building resilience to climate shocks and getting more women and young people involved on a level playing field could be game changing.

But first, hurdles must be removed. Women and young people face greater challenges than men in accessing resources and securing employment, especially in the aftermath of a disaster.

With support from Global Affairs Canada and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), United Kingdom, a new pilot project will help male and female farmers and fishers across Jamaica equally access project opportunities, adapt to climate change, build resilience to its impacts, and recover quickly when disaster strikes.