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Legal Framework

UNDP began operations in The Bahamas in January 1975, and in Jamaica in January 1976 with the signing of UNDP Standard Basic Assistance Agreements. Development assistance is guided by two interconnected programme frameworks that support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  1. A Country programme, developed every five years in consultation with government and civil society partners, supports national development priorities and serves as the framework for cooperation between governments and the UNDP.   
  2. Partnering with the United Nations System in Jamaica and in The Bahamas, UNDP also adopts the delivering as one mechanism on joint programmes guided by the United Nations Multi Country Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for the Caribbean.

Standard Basic Assistance Agreement - 1975, The Bahamas


Standard Basic Assistance Agreement - Jamaica, 1976

UN Multi country Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for the Caribbean  
UNDP Country Programme, 2022 - 2026