Understanding the Value Chain of Affordable Housing Construction


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Understanding the Value Chain of Affordable Housing Construction

July 17, 2023

Creating Sustainable cities and communities is an important SDG for our growing cities. Building on the pathbreaking work of developing the compendium of 130 rural housing typologies by UNDP in partnership with MoRD, this study analyses the value chain of affordable housing construction material by utilizing alternative, cost-effective construction material, through state agencies. The report details out strategies to facilitate adoption of these designs, streamline the supply chains of materials across the selected states while addressing the challenges of demonstration and adoption of the design and construction recommendations on a large scale. It proposes feasible business models for the materials with the objective of increasing their market demand and provides information on the social and economic benefits that these can accrue to the local community through providing technical support to beneficiary households, financing options, skill development and monitoring systems.

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