GeoAI for Brick Kilns in Bihar: Learnings and Recommendations

GeoAI for Brick Kilns in Bihar: Learning and Recommendations

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GeoAI for Brick Kilns in Bihar: Learnings and Recommendations

December 20, 2023

Globally, an alarming nine out of ten individuals are exposed to polluted air, a crisis that adversely affects both human well-being and the environment, exacerbating climate change and impeding economic progress. Marginalized communities, particularly women, bear the brunt of this environmental injustice. Over the past decade, technology has emerged as a powerful ally in the fight against air pollution. The collaborative effort resulting in the GeoAI platform, merging advanced technology with community involvement, has proven instrumental in identifying and monitoring air pollution hotspots across the state of Bihar.  

The GeoAI report signifies a groundbreaking stride in leveraging Earth Observation data for crucial identification of air pollution hotspots and compliance endeavours, aiming to help brick kilns transition to clean energy sources, alleviate health concerns of workers, and transform local economies. The GeoAI report, developed in partnership with the Govt of Bihar, Development Alternatives, University of Nottingham and UNDP, marks an initial stride toward the transformative development of Bihar's brick sector through the adoption of modern technologies and resource management practices.