Creating Impact

Working with communities

Our mission

Present in the country since the signature of the Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Guinea-Bissau on 29 June, 1975, immediately after the independence, UNDP focuses its interventions in the country in the support to good governance, sustainable, inclusive and resilient development, working for a future that offers equality, dignity and opportunities for all following the commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our Impact

The "Building Strong Institutions" project has helped the National People's Assembly of Guinea-Bissau to update its website and access the Interlegis systems (a Programme/Software of the Brazilian Senate that digitizes the legislative process).



benefited from 7 Centres of Access to Justice Centres which were set up with the support of UNDP



were provided for the Ministry of Justice to be used by justice officials from regional and sectoral courts to visit remote areas and provide justice services.



from CMICS (a Bissau-Guinean civil society organisation working with media stakeholders) with the support of UNDP set up a network of journalists working in illicit markets and illicit economy in March 2022



Participated in entrepreneurship trainings on the blue economy