Water is life!

Communities of the Southern Province get a new lease of life thanks to TU-PA-SUL

May 26, 2022

Communities in the Southern Province get first borehole

Photo: UNDP Guinea-Bissau

A new borehole, which provides potable drinking water for nearly 300 families, comprising more than 3000 people, has been commissioned in the Southern Province of Guinea-Bissau to provide access to safe drinking water to the community. This will go a long way in reducing the incidence of infections from water-borne diseases, which has plagued the Province for a very long time, resulting in improvement in the overall health situation of the communities by about 80%. 

Faracounda community borehole

Photo: UNDP Guinea-Bissau

The Southern province is rejoicing after decades without adequate access to clean water. In communities almost surrounded by mangrove swamps and mostly known for its production of cashew nuts, the water supply project has provided community members some relief from trekking long distances to reach the river to collect water for their daily consumption. 

According to Sadjo Sambu, an inhabitant of Farancunda, one of the communities of the Southern Province, the borehole will change the lives of communities’ members for good.

"This water pump has transformed our community. Before we used to get water from the river, where the monkeys drank and what was left was what we collected to drink. But now everything has changed for the better. We have water to drink and more to spare. We are sure to have improved health conditions as a result of drinking water from the borehole."
Sadjo Sambu

The community members are also learning to take care of the water supply system. A management committee has been set up to oversee the operation of the borehole with training on its use provided for members of the community. Usage of the borehole is also controlled with stipulated times set for use as authorized and validated by community members. This will ensure viability of the project and its long-term sustainability. 

The borehole is part of the Small Grants Project executed by TUPASUL (Organização para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento Socio, Economico Ambiental da Província Sul) with the support of the MAVA Foundation Funds.  

UNDP Deputy Rep. decorated by community

Photo: UNDP Guinea-Bissau