UNDP Guinea-Bissau

About Us

Present in the country since the signature of the Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Guinea-Bissau on 29 June, 1975, immediately after the independence, UNDP focuses its interventions in the country in the support to good governance, sustainable, inclusive and resilient development, working for a future that offers equality, dignity and opportunities for all following the commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is part of the Small Islands and Developing States (SIDS), due to its high vulnerability to flooding, drought e increase of the sea level.

UNDP is partnering with the Government of Guinea-Bissau, local and international NGOs, the sister UN agencies, Civil Society Organizations, private sector and local communities to identify local solutions to face global and national development challenges through access to methodology, knowledge sharing, consulting and wide network of technical international cooperation. The actual development challenges cannot be faced independently as they are interconnected. It means that the way we are working and the solutions we are developing need to be integrated. The operational presence in the country as well as in other countries allows UNDP, in partnership with other institutions, to work efficiently, offering integrated solutions.