Leadership Academy expands its interventions to Buba and Bolama

June 6, 2022
UNDP Guinea-Bissau/2022

Creating a network of leaders who can work together for sustainable development and peace in Guinea-Bissau is the main objective of the Leadership Academy. In order to achieve this goal, the Academy has been expanding its interventions to different regions of the country, so as not to have an intervention centered only in Bissau.

On the island of Bubaque, in the Bijagós Archipelago, principals, deputy principals and school managers, as well as regional education delegates, in a total of 19 participants, including 5 women, had the opportunity to reinforce their skills in leadership, administrative practices and management of Public Administration in a Leadership and Public Service training.

“For me, it is very important to talk about leadership, because I am leading an institution, and for that reason it is important to learn about what we have just covered during the training: leadership styles, values of public administration, stages of the decision-making process of a leader”
says Elisabete da Costa, director of a school in Bubaque.
“It was an excellent training”, says Duarte Nanquio, deputy director of the subregional high school in Bubaque. “I learned about things that used to make my work difficult and I think that from now on I will apply what I learned to improve my work.”
Duarte Nanquio

Also in Buba, in the Quinara region, governors, administrators and secretaries from the Quinara, Tombali and Bolama/Bijagós regions participated in a training in Leadership and Public Service where they were able to discuss the concept and styles of leadership, analyze the positive and negative dynamics that condition the functioning of the public service in Guinea-Bissau and to consolidate the channels of communication between administrative officials.

The Leadership Academy is an initiative of UNDP Guinea-Bissau, in partnership with the National School of Administration (ENA).