UNDP promotes trainings for journalists from all over Guinea-Bissau

April 13, 2022

Photo: UNDP, 2022

Aware of the fundamental role the media have in promoting access to quality information, UNDP continues to work with CMICS – The Media Consortium to capacitate journalists across Guinea-Bissau.

In March, “Constitutional Reforms and Stabilization” was the topic of the third open class of 2022. On every last Wednesday of the month, open classes for journalists take place at CMICS, and are then broadcasted on 16 community radios, ensuring that they reach journalists from all over the country.

To complement the open classes, CMICS organized, with the technical support of UNDP, a two-day seminar on the topic of “Illicit markets and illicit economy” for 30 journalists from 30 different media outlets.

At the end of the training, an international Network of Journalists on Illicit Enconomy (REJOMIE-GB) was created with the goal of developing synergies between journalists from the sub-region in reporting drug trafficking and organized crime.

UNDP supports CMICS within the scope of the “Political Stabilization and Reform through Confidence Building and Inclusive Dialogue” project, supported by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, and the “Civil Society Observatory on Illicit Economy in Guinea-Bissau” project, funded by the United Kingdom, Home Office.