Strategic Plan 2022-2025


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Strategic Plan 2022-2025

October 8, 2021

This Strategic Plan describes the future direction of UNDP, continuing on from the Strategic Plan, 2018-2021. UNDP will continue to work through its six signature solutions on poverty and inequality, governance, resilience, environment, energy and gender equality.

The challenge of the next four years is to accelerate and scale up development results significantly, bringing the Goals back within reach. Towards that end, UNDP will support change in three directions:

  • Structural transformation, particularly green, inclusive and digital transitions.
  • Leaving no one behind, a rights-based approach centred on human agency and human development.
  • Building resilience to respond to systemic uncertainty and risk.

Learning from the lessons of the last four years, the signature solutions will be adapted to better match countries’ evolving priorities. Collaborating across the strengthened United Nations system and beyond, UNDP will develop integrated approaches that apply combinations of solutions for greater impact. Powerful enablers – strategic innovation, digitalization and development finance – will further accelerate and scale results.