Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture


With funds from the Government of Switzerland, UNDP is assisting Georgia to establish a modern system of vocational education and training in agriculture and introduce and an extension system for farmers. The project is being implemented in close partnership with the Georgian government - Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport as well as in collaboration with the educational institutions and the private sector.

what we do

  • Promote training and professional development of vocational teachers, extension officers and agricultural specialists.
  • Upgrade educational standards and curricula of the VET colleges.
  • Elaborate and implement the modular programmes in agriculture.
  • Provide farmers with the high quality training and extension services.
  • Improve access to resources, infrastructure and best practices for the regional and local agriculture entities.
  • Boost coordination and enhance policy planning at the national level.
  • Promote the new training methods in agriculture, such as work-based learning. Facilitate cooperation between the public and private sectors.
  • Develop institutional partnership between the Georgian and European VET colleges. Facilitate students/teachers exchange programmes, knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

results so far

  • Development, piloting and introduction of the new educational standards and programmes, including up to 100 new training modules.
  • Training of up to 2000 farmers offered by 8 vocational colleges. 
  • Extension/advisory support for more than 10,000 farmers in 16 public agricultural information and consultation centers.
  • Public/private cooperation and partnership in the field of work-based learning.

Contact information

Project address

7 Mtskheta Street
Tbilisi 0179 Georgia
+995 32 2250106

Contact persons

Elene Tskhakaia
Project Manager

Tea Gulua
Knowledge Management and Innovations Specialist

Tamar Sanikidze
Agriculture and Farming Specialist 

George Nanobashvili
UNDP Economic Development Team Leader