Media contest reveals best journalistic works about the ozone layer

UNDP promotes environmental journalism in Georgia

November 10, 2022
Rebuilding the Ozone Layer
Photo: UNDP Georgia/Leli Blagonravova


Georgian journalists competed for the best media product about the ozone layer in a contest announced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Environmental Information and Education Center (EIEC) and the Ambience Air Division at Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA).

Articles and blogs submitted by the contest participants offered readers a comprehensive picture of what is happening to the ozone layer and described how state policies and personal behaviours can win a battle for a healthy and safe planet.

Three journalists won a jury vote with their stories published by popular Georgian media platforms:

On 10 November, the contest winners and participants got together at the UN House for an awards event. Each of the winners received a GEL1,500 voucher for purchasing energy-efficient household supplies. The other participants received certificates acknowledging their work in environmental journalism.   

“The Montreal Protocol is one of the world’s most successful international environmental agreements and shows what can be achieved when UN member states work together. I am very pleased to see leading journalists in Georgia picking up this story and bringing it to their readers. My congratulations to our award winners.”
Nick Beresford, UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia
“Georgia has achieved impressive progress in the last decade in phasing out ozone-depleting substances and introducing reforms to the national system of refrigeration and air conditioning. Open and accurate reporting educates people about these important initiatives and brings about positive change.”
Noe Megrelishvili, MEPA’s Montreal Protocol focal point and the Head of the Ambience Air Division at the Department of Environment and Climate Change
“Our contest proves that environmental journalism in Georgia is getting better. We need in-depth and sustained coverage of issues that are increasing in urgency, from the ozone layer and plastic pollution to climate change.”
Tamar Aladashvili, Environmental Information and Education Center Director

UNDP with funding from the Multi-Lateral Fund to the Montreal Protocol is assisting Georgia to phase out harmful substances threatening the atmospheric ozone layer. This decade-long work draws on the partnership with Government, educational institutions and the private sector.

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