End Plastic Pollution Georgia!

UNDP and Norway Announced New Partnership for Clean and Healthy Environment

February 9, 2024
End Plastic Pollution in Georgia!

End Plastic Pollution in Georgia!

UNDP and Norway, in collaboration with Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and the Caucasus Environmental NGOs Network (CENN), announced a new partnership for a plastic-free Georgia where every citizen can enjoy their right to a clean and healthy environment.

With GEL405,000 in funding from Norway, the 12-month project will reach out to key stakeholders across the country, accelerating a smooth transition towards a circular economy and fostering sustainable practices in plastic waste management. This includes local authorities, waste management experts, private companies, and civil society organizations.

The project launch took place on 9 February with representatives of the public, private, and civic institutions attending the event. 

Douglas Webb, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Georgia; Rebecca Lie, Deputy Ambassador of Norway in Georgia; Laurent G. E. Nicole, CENN Executive Director; and Alverd Chankseliani, Head of Waste and Chemicals Management Department at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, addressed the participants with welcoming remarks.

Background Information:

Over the past decade, plastic production and imports in Georgia have surged by a staggering 71 percent. Illegal dumpsites plague nearly every village in the country, often found near gorges, riverbanks, and coastal areas, with plastic waste comprising a significant portion of this litter. Stronger policies, enhanced coordination, and increased public engagement are essential steps for Georgia to combat plastic pollution.

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