Human Rights Summer School 2023 Fosters Equality and Inclusion

EU, UNDP, and OHCHR Empower Georgian Youth to Become Human Rights Advocates

June 26, 2023
Human Rights School participants
Photo: UNDP Georgia/Vladimir Valishvili

A five-day Human Rights Summer School held in the town of Kvareli on 19-23 June, brought together over 25 young people from across Georgia, fostering their understanding of fundamental principles of human rights, equality, and social inclusion. Organized by UNDP and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), in collaboration with the Training Centre of Justice of Georgia and with support from the European Union (EU), the event aimed to empower the youth and equip them with the knowledge necessary to promote human rights within their communities.

The programme incorporated a well-rounded blend of educational activities, team-building exercises, and cultural events to engage the participants. Insightful discussions focused on the rights of minorities, the role of youth in civic integration, the combating of disinformation and hate speech, the protection of gender equality in public offices and families, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence. Furthermore, the Summer School participants delved into international and national mechanisms of human rights protection and the prospects of fostering a human rights-based society both in Georgia and across the world.

“Education empowers young people with the necessary knowledge and tools to become effective advocates for human rights. The European Union supports Human Rights Summer School in line with our commitment to promoting equality, inclusion, and justice for all."
H.E. Pawel Herczynski, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia
“At UNDP, we believe that fostering a generation of human rights defenders is a crucial step towards building sustainable and equitable societies. We are excited to see the enthusiasm and dedication of young people in becoming human rights advocates and driving transformative change within their communities and their country."
Nick Beresford, UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia
“OHCHR supports efforts to strengthen the rule of law, combat discrimination, and mitigate human rights violations in Georgia. As participants of this Human Rights Summer School, you possess the power to ignite change and create a more just society. The energy of young people is much needed in carrying out the responsibility we all share in defending and promoting human rights."
Vladimir Shkolnikov, Senior Human Rights Advisor for the OHCHR’s South Caucasus Office

The annual Human Rights Summer School draws on Human Rights for All, an EU-funded flagship programme to assist Georgia in strengthening human rights protection and addressing the remaining issues of concern. With over EUR2.5 million in EU funding, the initiative is implemented by two UN agencies, UNDP and OHCHR.

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