New blockchain-based platform for climate action launched by SEKEM, the Zero Fund and UNDP’s Accelerator Lab in Egypt

Participants at COP27 will be able to invest in Egypt’s most vulnerable farmers by offsetting the carbon footprint of their travel and stay at the conference.

November 7, 2022


A new virtual campaign and platform called ZeroCOP27 was launched today as a pilot project to encourage individuals and companies to offset the carbon footprint of their travel and stay at COP27.

By buying Economy of Love agricultural carbon credits through this platform, visitors will not only be offsetting their travels but also directly investing in the green transition of smallholder farmers in Egypt.

This initiative has been launched to spark discussion about the potential of agricultural carbon credit to mitigate climate change and improve the lives and livelihoods of smallholders.

The innovative solution is the outcome of joint efforts by SEKEM and the Zero Fund in partnership with UNDP’s Accelerator Lab team in Egypt.

UNDP Resident Representative Alessandro Fracassetti welcomed the initiative, noting that ‘‘innovative climate finance will be key to ensuring sustainability and protecting lives and livelihoods.” He further emphasised that “technological innovations can play a leading role in addressing the challenges of climate change”, and expressed hope to see more innovative tech solutions presented during COP27.

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