UNDP Egypt Accelerator Lab

Together with local innovators, government, investors and civil society, we are working on building a more resilient and inclusive future for Egypt.



At the UNDP Egypt Accelerator Lab, we are eager to redefine how we work in development to build more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient communities and markets across Egypt. We hope to achieve that by working with entrepreneurs and grassroot organizations, amplifying local action, experimenting new solutions and most importantly crowdsourcing collective intelligence to achieve greater impact.

UNDP Egypt is a vibrant, diverse country office, with a dynamic portfolio that focuses on climate resilience, social protection, inclusive growth and innovation, serving 100 million Egyptians and with strong links across the region. Through the Accelerator Lab Network, we are expanding our reach and collective brain to the global network of 91 Labs serving 114 countries that work together to address the complexity of current development challenges.

Most recently, the team has been exploring ways to build the resilience of small farmers to adapt to climate change and convert agri-food value chains to more climate-resilient crops and practices.

By mobilizing a range of new partners and methodologies, we offer a space to explore and test radically different and innovative approaches in pursuit of answering three big questions: how do we better tackle complex and fast-moving challenges? How do we find the most relevant solutions that work locally? How do we learn more quickly about what works and what doesn’t?

Our team


Yomna Saleh
Head of Experimentation


Engy Abdelwahab
Head of Exploration


Alik Mikaelian
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We believe in the strong promise collective intelligence holds in mobilizing new information, insights and solutions, harnessing both the power of people and technology. Join us in our journey to learn, share and accelerate together!













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