UNDP signs contract for conservation works at Agios Synesios church carried out by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage

July 2, 2021

Cem Taneri © United Nations Development Programme, March 2021

Nicosia, 01 July 2021 – The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (TCCH) is pleased to announce that a contract has been signed for conservation works at the church of Agios Synesios and the construction site mobilisation has begun.

The conservation works, which are expected to go on for 9 months, will be completed in the first quarter of 2022. The works to be carried out at this site will focus on the conservation of the church and will include the following:

  • Conservation of the floor, iconostasis, ambon and other religious and historic items by a conservator,
  • Stabilisation of historic plasters by a conservator,
  • Structural consolidation of the church,
  • Cleaning, repair and waterproofing of the roof,
  • Restoring of the original rainwater drainage system of the roof,
  • Cleaning of the stone masonry of the church,
  • Removal of loose and inappropriate plasters, repair where needed and replastering in selected areas,
  • Consolidation of the belfry,
  • Restoration of the perforated stone tracery’s, conservation and restoration of existing openings where possible.

The works will ensure that the church is conserved to its originality in accordance with the technical designs and drawings. 

The specific project is co-funded by local donors and implemented within the framework of the TCCH, with financial support of the European Union.

For further information and media enquiries please contact UNDP at: media.cy@undp.org or Tel. +357 22874733 or +90392 2200027.