UNDP in Cyprus



As a Programme Management Office, UNDP in Cyprus relies almost entirely on non-core resources. Therefore, partnerships are at the centre of UNDP in Cyprus’ work. UNDP's main donor in Cyprus is the European Union (EU). The EU/UNDP donor partnerships is aimed at contributing to the ongoing peace building as well as the confidence and trust building processes in Cyprus.

Funding from the EU is primarily used for cultural heritage preservation, support to the Committee for Missing Persons (CMP) and supporting the work of the technical committees, including the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, Technical Committee on Crime and Criminal Matters, Technical Committee on Culture, Technical Committee on Humanitarian Affairs, Technical Committee on Health, Technical Committee on Environment, and Technical Committee on Education.

UNDP’s operational flexibility, neutrality and strong capacity to adjust its programme to the priorities of the two communities has proved crucial in continuing to position the PMO as a key partner of choice for the EU and other donors. UNDP’s track record continues to attract donors who rely on UNDP’s value-added attributes, which allows for the successful implementation of confidence and trust building projects in both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities

In addition to the European Union, UNDP Cyprus’ partners include donors, bilateral agencies, foundations, and civil society.

Working with local communities, UNDP ensures that all community members, in particular vulnerable groups, participate in taking decisions which affect their life and that of the community.

The diversity of donors contributing to our programmes as well as the substantial resources channeled through UNDP programmes confirms once again the vote of confidence by the international and local community in UNDP’s role and effectiveness in the area of sustainable development.

Until March 2016, the USAID supported the UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust Programme (closed in March 2016). Funding from USAID was used for civil society initiatives aimed at peacebuilding, cooperation and confidence building between the two communitiies.

The project for the restoration of the Holy Monastery of Apostolos Andreas is jointly funded by the Church of Cyprus and EVKAF Administration.The number and diversity of donors contributing to UNDP programmes confirms the confidence of the international and local community in our role as a partner of choice for sustainable development.

The following graphs show where our funding comes from and how it is spent. Sharing this information is part of UNDP’s commitment to transparency and accountability to our funders, partners, project participants and the public.

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Thanks to the generous and unwavering support of all our partners, UNDP in Cyprus can continue its critical work to build confidence and contribute to the ongoing peace building process in Cyprus. The work of UNDP and the technical committees that it supports is possible due to the generous support of our partners. 

Thank you, UNDP partners around the world. You empowered UNDP in Cyprus and enable our results. Your confidence in UNDP in Cyprus, guidance and contributions enable us to achieve joint results