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COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker Fact Sheets

Sep 28, 2020

The COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker monitors policy measures enacted by governments worldwide to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, and highlights responses that have integrated a gender lens. Launched in September 2020, it includes national measures that are directly addressing women’s economic and social security, including unpaid care work, the labour market and violence against women. The tracker is coordinated by UNDP with substantive leadership and technical contributions from UN Women. Co-created by both entities, it was updated in March 2021 to include over 3,100 policy measures across 219 countries and territories as well as for the first time data on women's leadership and representation in national COVID-19 task forces, which was compiled with the Gender Inequality Research Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. 

These global and regional fact sheets, some of which were updated in March 2021, examine trends and provide analysis from the tracker, highlighting what governments are doing to respond to and prevent violence against women, support unpaid care work, and protect women’s economic security, as well as women's and men's participation in COVID-19 task forces. They feature country examples, best practices and gaps in the global COVID-19 policy response.

Additional fact sheets can also be found on UNDP’s regional websites. These fact sheets take a deeper dive into the tracker data based on UNDP’s regional classifications. They are available on the Arab States, in English and Arabic, and on Europe and Central Asia (in English).

See the COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker.