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A Toolkit of Policy Options to Support Inclusive Green Growth

Aug 24, 2017

The non-prescriptive Inclusive Green Growth Toolkit developed by four International Organizations (IOs) - AfDB, OECD, UN, and WB - at the request of the G20 Development Working Group under the Mexican G20 Presidency in June 2012 and updated in July 2013 aims at providing policy-makers with:


·         A framework to help develop inclusive green growth strategies

·         An overview of some of the key tools that specifically address the challenges raised by making growth green and inclusive. 

·         A brief discussion of knowledge sharing and capacity building challenges and solutions.


The tools described in the toolkit are mostly classic, fairly well-known tools such as environmental fiscal reform and social protection instruments. What is new is that they are brought together and that they are all being assessed according to their economic, social, and environmental implications.


The July 2013 update includes two new tools on climate change and energy respectively and an updated tool on water.

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