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Preventing violent extremism through promoting inclusive development, tolerance and respect for diversity

Jul 14, 2016

The Global Meeting on ‘Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) through Promoting Inclusive Development, Tolerance and Respect for Diversity’, organised by UNDP’s Oslo Governance Centre and the Governance and Peacebuilding Cluster in the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support was held in Oslo on 14-16 March 2016.


The meeting was an opportunity for global development actors to engage in in-depth discussions on their role in preventing violent extremism. This report presents key points from the many conceptual and thematic discussions.


The meeting brought together 135 people from forty-seven countries who work in government; development agencies; civil society, including youth organisations and women’s networks; academia; media; and the law enforcement and security communities to discuss experiences, lessons learned and approaches related to the prevention of violent extremism.

The meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule, and this report accordingly does not refer by name to individuals or institutions (either in the main text or quotation boxes), except for interventions that are otherwise publicly available. The organisers have not sought formal endorsement of the report by participants and present instead an ‘Organisers’ Summary’. Except for the section specifically covering UNDP’s approach to preventing violent extremism, the report does not necessarily reflect the views of UNDP, the UN or its member states, but only the discussions at the Global Meeting.

Principal messages summarised in the report:

  • Current trends and characteristics of violent extremism and efforts to prevent it
  • The role, comparative advantages and constraints of development actors in preventing violent extremism
  • Development actors must develop and sustain partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Critical next steps for develoment actors to enhance PVE programming

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