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Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption Service Offer for COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Sep 2, 2020

COVID-19 is not just a health, humanitarian or socio-economic crisis; it is a governance crisis, testing the resilience of governance systems and institutions during the pandemic. The lack of sufficient accountability and oversight mechanisms in crisis response and recovery significantly increases the risks of corruption and fraud. The most vulnerable and marginalised populations disproportionately suffer the most; and people lose trust in their governments, undermining the effectiveness of response and recovery measures to the crisis.

UNDP is supporting countries to integrate transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in both response and recovery priorities, including health systems support; crisis management and response; and social and economic impact needs assessment and response. The Next Generation of Anti-Corruption programming aims at strengthening the role of oversight, human rights and the rule of law institutions for sustainable development; promoting social accountability and the role of civil society; strengthening business integrity; and harnessing the benefits of technology and innovation in enhancing transparency and openness. These will contribute to all five pillars of the UN’s framework on socio-economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the recognition that effective and accountable governance systems and processes are critical for progressive socio-economic change.