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Issue Brief: Citizen Security

Issue Brief Citizen Security

Nov 22, 2016

This Issue Brief addresses the topic of Citizen Security— the process of establishing, strengthening and protecting democratic civic order, eliminating threats of violence in a population and allowing for safe and peaceful coexistence— and how UNDP does it. UNDP’s approach to citizen and community security attempts to tackle all of the potential causes of crime and violence. This multifaceted approach helps countries to integrate violence prevention and crime control measures; targeting a broad range of issues, such as lack of social cohesion, impunity, drug trafficking, the proliferation of illegal firearms, human trafficking and migration.


UNDP targets all levels of government; supporting the development of national policies; strengthening local and state institutions; helping the government to better coordinate security; improving the capacity of police to prevent violence; and training judges and court officials. Importantly, UNDP works with communities to understand their perceptions of the security challenges and takes practical action to address these, such as by imposing gun-free zones, keeping young people occupied and off the streets, improving job opportunities or simply fixing street lights to help reduce violence.

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