China-UNDP South-South and Global Partnership 2016 Highlights


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China-UNDP South-South and Global Partnership 2016 Highlights

March 24, 2017

China’s global development engagement has been gaining Through a strong partnership between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Government of China, academic and policy institutions, enterprises and NGOs, UNDP offers development advisory services to help achieve the SDGs in China, as well as through China’s South-South cooperation globally.

This brochure offers a glance at the key achievements in 2016 resulting from the China-UNDP Global Partnership, including on China’s development effectiveness and contribution to global governance mechanisms, as well as on specific trilateral projects bringing development solutions on the ground in other developing countries. Underpinned by research and analysis, UNDP aims to offer innovative solutions and inclusive approaches that benefit all stakeholders. 

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