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UNDP works in about 170 countries and territories, helping to end poverty, reduce inequalities and exclusion, as well as protect the planet, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together, these efforts aim to ensure that improvements in human wellbeing remain within ecological boundaries. We also help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities and institutional capabilities, as well as build resilience, in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  

UNDP has been working in China for over 40 years, partnering to advance various phases of China’s development. UNDP continues to be at the forefront of initiatives with China both to achieve the SDGs domestically and through China’s global cooperation. 


UNDP’s work aligns closely with the 14th Five Year Plan as China’s national development strategy. We support the attainment of the SDGs in China, by promoting sustainable development principles in policies and decision-making, focusing on reducing inequality, promoting inclusive, low-carbon growth and protecting the environment.  

UNDP China’s actions and programmes are defined in its Country Programme Document for China 2021-2025, prepared in cooperation with the Government of China and other partners. The CPD is based on the broader United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for China (UNSDCF) 2021-2025. Within this framework, our programmes are divided into 3 main thematic pillars: 

  • High-quality development centred on people  

  • Facilitating China’s use of the SDGs as a standard for its inclusive development, economic decisions and investments. We strive to reduce inequalities, strengthen resilience of vulnerable groups, and ensure no one is left behind, by developing and applying standards and measurement frameworks to influence public and private decisions, and working to boost sustainable finance, technology and capacities.  

  • A healthier planet and resilient environment 

  • Supporting China’s transformation to a green economy, so that more people enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment. We work to combat climate change by advising the low-carbon transition, protecting biodiversity, and managing and restoring ecosystems, to ensure that human development stays within planetary boundaries. 

  • China as a partner for global development and South-South Cooperation 

  • Informing China’s global cooperation engagement and contribution to advancing progress on critical global agendas such as the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. We help match the needs and development priorities of partner countries with China’s resources and expertise.