Reconstruction of the Community Center in Olovo

February 8, 2024
Photo by Imrana Kapetanović


The Community Center in Olovo, located in the building of the Public Institution for Culture, Sports, and Information, is the hub of numerous events in the community. Workshops, education, socializing, meetings of local associations, blood donation campaigns, courses, book promotions, presentations, forums, and many other cultural and social activities for children and adults are held there. The Community Center, in collaboration with the Center for Culture, Sports, and Information Olovo, has also launched a rhythmic gymnastics school for girls, a completely new activity in this town. The gymnastics school is attended by 70 girls and led by a professional sports coach.

Additionally, since May 2023, English language courses for children and adults have been active. Moreover, this center is a gathering place for women who engage in knitting, where they distribute finished products and receive new materials. All these activities are of great importance to the town of Olovo. 

Hanka Rotić

Photo by Imrana Kapetanović
“Through these activities, there is a positive impact on the development, self-affirmation, and self-realization of individuals and groups, creating a healthier local community. In a conditional, comfortable, well-equipped space, people feel better, appreciate the importance of the center more, and thus their interest in activities is greater. Given that local communities are geographically very distant from each other, residents from these local communities gladly come to the center, engage in activities, and suggest new ideas.”
Hanka Rotić, manager of the Community Center

The advantages of reconstructing this center are numerous, such as gaining knowledge, building self-confidence, constructively spending free time, and directing children and youth towards positive values, steering them away from excessive use of cell phones, drug consumption, alcohol, and violent behavior,” emphasizes Rotić.

Through various organized activities of the Community Center, children, youth, and adults make new friendships, connect and network, spreading positive values in the local communities they come from. Citizens look at social events and the future with more enthusiasm and interest. They more freely participate in activities and support the work of the Center. Especially noticeable changes are seen in children and their parents who actively participate in creating their activities, workshops, and courses,” concluded Hanka Rotić on this occasion.

Photo by Imrana Kapetanović